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About the Grants

Gippsland PHN is seeking applications from enthusiastic and inspired organisations, community groups and/or individuals to undertake activities that improve social connectedness, improve access to help and assistance and decrease isolation and loneliness.

Gippsland PHN will support highly motivated people who are committed to work with other people to address the impact that natural disasters have on people’s mental health and wellbeing and work to build community resilience. This includes supporting people affected by the drought in Gippsland such as farmers, their families and their communities.

The Gippsland PHN One Good Community Wellbeing Grant Program will support community development activities enabling communities to identify and address their own needs and bring people together to connect, learn and contribute in their local community through social, educational, recreational and support activities, using a unique community development approach.

Examples of activities that will be supported by the One Good Community Wellbeing Grant Program are:

  • Community events or workshops, this might include activities that foster community wellbeing and resilience, reduce stigma, raise awareness of mental health supports and encourage people who need mental health support to access services;
  • Community training and education on topics such as stigma, emotional wellbeing, managing stress, mental health and suicide prevention using traditional training methods and training through social media and digital technology;
  • Community training and education that help people to manage their health aided by their partners, families and carers with the support from health care organisations;
  • Activities that support improving social and emotional wellbeing connecting people through networking activities to change people’s experience of their own lives and reduce their risk of poor health;
  • Ideas that focus on strong community-led and group-based activities that connect to other social and community groups and programs; and
  • Activities that will lead to longer-term strategies promoting easy volunteerism and participation by people to improve social connectedness, community networking and wellbeing.

There are three levels of funding available for:

  • Up to $1,500;
  • $1,501 to $10,000; and
  • $10,001 to $30,000.

The level of grant funding being applied for will determine the level of details and information required as part of your application, as detailed below:

  • Up to $1,500 – requires a brief of up to 250 words and budget.
  • $1,501 to $10,000 – requires a brief of up to 500 words, budget and any quotes.
  • $10,001 to $30,000 – requires a brief of up to 750 words, a detailed budget and at least two quotes.

The One Good Community Wellbeing Grant Program opens 26 July 2019.

Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t reside in Wellington or East Gippsland, can I still apply?2019-09-03T14:45:26+11:00

Yes. While it is recognised that East Gippsland and Wellington are most directly impacted by drought, the other local
government areas in the region may be eligible for a grant if they can demonstrate any of the following:

  • How your community has been affected by the impact of drought or other natural disasters.
  • How this project can appropriately support people affected by the impact of drought or other natural disasters.
  • How this will build resilience in your community for future impacts of drought and other environmental impacts.
What qualifies as a natural disaster and what kind of evidence do I need to supply?2019-09-03T14:45:04+11:00

The most recent in adverse weather events in Gippsland have been bushfire and drought which are both considered natural disasters for the area; you do not need to supply scientific evidence to support this. A paragraph or brief narrative of how your
group, community or participants have been adversely affected by an environmental event beyond their control will be sufficient.

I have lots of different ideas I’d like to propose, should I submit separately or together as one proposal?2019-09-03T14:45:57+11:00

Consider how each idea is complementary of each other and submit as a collective proposal, otherwise, if you do not feel this
is appropriate you may make separate submissions.

Can I submit more than one application?2019-09-03T14:46:26+11:00

See previous Q&A. If the organisation has multiple project ideas consider a collective proposal, otherwise you may make separate

I’m not part of a non-profit organisation or incorporate group, can I still apply?2019-09-03T14:46:45+11:00

Yes, the only requirement is that there is an ABN. If you do not have one, you can apply to get one or consider a group that does have one and work with that group to apply for a grant.

Will grants be approved for ‘bricks and mortar’ projects?2019-09-24T09:58:33+11:00

No, grants cannot provide for the future replacement of any asset or to dispose or, acquire or provide for the future replacement of any land, building or property.


When is the application deadline?2019-09-03T14:47:03+11:00

There is no due date or end date, the grants will close when all the money has been allocated.

Is there an application fee?2019-09-03T14:47:22+11:00

No, there is no fee to apply.

When will grants be announced?2019-09-03T14:47:46+11:00

You will be contacted to advise if your application has been successful and funding will be allocated to you.

How do I submit my application?2019-09-03T14:54:45+11:00

You can complete an online form or a printable form is downloadable from the website.

I don’t have any qualifications or background in mental health, would I be eligible to apply?2019-09-03T14:55:06+11:00

Yes. The funding is for initiatives that can positively impact peoples health and wellbeing, including mental health. A qualification or background in this area is not a requirement to have a great initiative to positively impact your community.

What if I still have questions?2019-09-03T14:56:23+11:00

You can submit your questions via our online form and someone will respond within 48 hours. If you would prefer to talk to someone via the phone please indicate this in your email and one of the team will call you to answer your questions.

Who reviews my application?2019-09-03T14:56:46+11:00

Gippsland PHN panel has been established to review and approve applications that meet the grant criteria. Applications are assessed against the evaluation criteria – see page 5 of the One Good Community Wellbeing Grant Program Guidance Document.

More Information

One Good Community Wellbeing Grant Program Guidance Document

Download the Gippsland Community and Wellbeing Grants Program Guidance document
If you have read the above FAQs and the Guidance document and still have questions please contact us via our online contact form.

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