Gippsland Primary Health Network is offering grants of up to $30,000 to address the needs of drought and bushfire-affected communities in Gippsland with a focus on healing, recovery and resilience.

The Australian Government has funded Gippsland PHN to deliver initiatives which address the psychological and social impacts of long-term drought and bushfires in the region.

The One Good Community Wellbeing Grants seek to reduce stigma about mental health, promote suicide prevention and build community connectedness.

The Gippsland PHN One Good Community Wellbeing Grants Program is inspired by the One Good Street Connected Communities Reducing Hospitalisations1 project. This initiative created a platform for people to come together and through coordinated activities, helped to reduce isolation and improve social connectedness, particularly for older people in their neighbourhoods.

The grants program encourages individuals, organisations and/or community groups to submit grant proposals which seek to build community resilience, foster social connectedness, promote healing and recovery, and deliver mental health and wellbeing benefits. Proposals should be led by communities.

The Gippsland PHN One Good Community Wellbeing Grants Program is guided by a set of principles that:

  • Focus on community strengths: Fostering a strength-based approach to mobilise skills, passion and experience of individuals, families and communities.
  • Build capacity to enable social and civil participation: Supporting community members to increase their skills and providing the support they need to connect with community during hardship.
  • Are driven by the community: Community will take an active role to enhance social cohesion and connectedness.
  • Build partnerships with other people, heroes and social champions: Effective partnerships supportive of diverse contributions working together in innovative and flexible ways.
  • Plan for sustainability: Driven by achieving long-term sustainable improvements – helping communities manage hardship now and into the future.